Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harriet Is A No Show

Harriet Miers did not show up , as expected, to the Congressional oversight hearing that had issued a subpeona to her for her testimony.
Of course the committe now has to decide on contempt of Congress charges. Bush's BFF has 5 days to come up with a VALID excuse for not showing.
I would love to see her hauled off for contempt.
In other good news,those emails that the RNC won't turn over just got a shiny new subpeona of their very own. The nice thing here is, there is no way in hell they can claim Executive priveledge on those,so fetch 'em up here boys and lets have a look at all the backdoor bullshit you've been up to.
This could blow the lid off of BushCo.
Rove is going to be very scarce in the coming weeks I think.
If, and it's a big IF, we get to actually see whats in those email records, there could be massive amounts of charges and tons more hearings and investigations into the illegal shit these peckerwoods have been doing.
Can you say oversight?
I can.

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