Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bushes Base Is Happy Now.

So all the wingers are happy that Bush commuted Scooters sentence.
AWWW idn't dat speshul.
Got news for ya fuckheads, it ain't over yet.
Fitzgerald can still run with the appeals and Judge Walton is not a happy camper, expect more to come.
Bush is covering his own ass with this, which makes it illegal. Expect to hear more on this also.
Not to mention the Wilsons civil suit, ditto this.
So, have a good time while you can because I think that Bush just cemented the Republican loss in 08.
A majority of Americans do not support this commutation. That be us, so fuck off.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    The wingers probably have a hard time finding their own rear ends using both hands and a snakelight. How would they understand this? It's not like it's 'My Pet Goat'.

    I liked Olbermann's Molotov cocktail into the West Wing. Now can we impeach the SOBs?

  2. Damn, I have to find Keiths piece, no computer on weekends.