Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scooter Shuffles Closer To The Slammer

Judge Walton endured more hackery from Scooter Libby's seemingly inept legal team today before ruling that Scooter is to actually, like, GO TO JAIL.
The Wingers are already rending their clothes and gnashing their teeth as Libby's team rushes to file an appeal.
A new hire for Libby, Lawrence Robbins,had Reggies hackles up early on.
When Judge Walton observed that Supreme Wingnut, Judge Scalia had written a stance on a previous case that Robbins was arguing about, Robbins told the Judge it didn't matter what Scalia had written, as he had been present when he did it.
Smackdown coming your way pal.
I am now watching for the spin to come out of the MSM and am particularly waiting to hear what that Harpy bitch Vickie Toensig has to say.
Needless to say, the WAPO has to come out with some kind of wingnut reaction., which can only be characterized as, Insanity on Parade.
We'll see if Scooter actually does any time, The Pardon is still being screamed for by the Right.
But today, Justice came out swinging.

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