Monday, June 11, 2007

And Now, Something Completely Different

If you have been here more than once , You know I tend to go off on the criminals that are our current administration.
While I feel it is a very worthy topic, this one will be a fluff piece.
Yesterday I got to go to Portland International Raceway and watch the big boys play.
I scored 6 tickets with Hospitality and Pit passes from my brother, who at the last minute, decided not to go.After burning up the phone lines for just a few minutes I had the tickets alloted to some friends and off we went.
It was supposed to rain (surprise) but we got lucky and it Hop Scotched right over us and a racing they went.It had been about 5 years since I had went so I had forgotten just how loud those little cars got.Sitting on the back stretch, I couldn't hear my buddy sitting next to me, even though the cars were over 100 feet away.
Some old cops pulled up on their ATV' and thats when I knew we had a good spot.
I wandered over and said as much to one and caught him using a radar gun as they went by.
165 MPH before getting out of it and on the brakes.
It got a little hairy when one guy pulled to the outside to pass coming onto the back straight and got a wheel off into the dirt but other than that the race was pretty uneventful.
We all had a blast and ate way too much awesome food. $6 dollar beers and $4 dollar cokes are starting to get steep for this cheapskate, so I pulled my usual and snuck in a flask.
The winner was Sebastien Bourdais with a time of 1:45.42, a full 13 seconds over second place, J Wilson.

Hopefully they will be back next year.

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