Friday, September 07, 2007

The Betrayus report that the Whitehouse was going to write is now not going to be written at all.

Lord love a duck, these fuckers never quit.
The Petraeus Report that has been hyped and talked about endlessly is apparently not going to be a written report at all.
I guess they couldn't get Halliburtons discount on bulk lipstick for pigs.
First it was going to be a written report submitted to Congress, then it was revealed that the expert liars at the Whitehouse were going to spin it faster than an electron around a nucleus, now they are saying there will be no written report at all.
Catch all that?
Now they are saying that his statements will be to the Asshole in Chief, and that we, the people, don't get to be privy to that.

I don't suppose it really matters, they have had the Mighty Wurlitzer cranked up for weeks, screaming about all the progress being made.
Hell, even Chimpy hisself made another surprise visit to the Great Sandbox to show how really neat everything is over there. Notice how Fuckhead didn't fly into Baghdad? I did.
So expect more of the same, more dead people, more billions poured into the sand, more bullshit from the "experts".
What the fuck, right? It ain't like we should expect anything else from DeathCo.

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  1. "I guess they couldn't get Halliburtons discount on bulk lipstick for pigs."


    They're a sincere bunch, aren't they? LYING turds, one & all.