Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush Holds Fundraiser For Move-On

In a swift move that backfired in his face like a gag cigar, Stupie McFuckwit went after the MoveOn ad attacking General Betrayus. Predictably soon after, the Righttards in the Senate called a vote to suppress free speech for all Americans by censuring the Progressive institution over its ad.As we have seen so many times before, many spineless so called Democrats actually voted for this piece of shit. My message to these ass drippings is to get fucked with a barbed wire dildo and start looking for a new job.
After Bush and the Senate took turns with their cheap shots a truly amazing and beautiful thing started happening, Move-On started getting emails, lots and lots of emails.
They all had the same basic message too, Keep It Up, and here is some dough.


Oh Hell Yes, do you think maybe the average Joe has had all of the fucking bullshit they can stand? I sure as fuck do.

The folks at Move-On were so stunned they started sending out emails asking for more!
They hope to raise one meeeelion dollars to ramp up their newest attack ads and have promised not only to not back down but to stay on the offense.
Finally! Something the average American can do to send a direct message to the motherfuckers who think they have all the marbles.
If you haven't joined yet, do it right the fuck now!
Send the message that we all have had the fuck enough and get our collective asses out of that miserable fucking sand box over there and start taking care of our own shit!
There is hope, Jimmy, and we can all do our little part to put a stop to the incessant madness that seems to center in our nations capitol.

Get your asses to Move-on and give a few shekels, your future depends on it.


  1. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

    Thanks for posting about that influx of cash they got because I hadn't heard that. This could get something started!

  2. I forgot to tell you that I linked to this.