Sunday, September 18, 2011

Job Interview

I has one at ten in the morning.
I am really hoping it goes well too. Ten minutes from the Weasel Den, full time with Bennies and a decent wage doing maintenance work for a manufacturer.

It's kind of a weird deal.
This company doesn't do direct hiring, they use a placement company that specializes in Craftsmen.
Then, when you get placed , you work for this company but actually turn in your time and get paid by the placement agency.
If you make it past the ninety day probationary period, the company you actually work at has the option of putting you on their payroll as a permanent employee.
The lady that interviewed me said she has over thirty employees at one place that have have never been placed on the payroll and have been there over eight fucking years!
She also told me that I was qualified for three other jobs that were on her desk right that minute.

The best part is this doesn't cost me a dime.

The placement agency actually pays the benefits and if you have been working for over a year they actually pay you for two weeks of vacation.
Win, Win.

I am SO hoping to get this position.

I have a ton of other shit going on I will divulge later, I have now worked seven days in a row doing what I have been at since March, it's honest work but it can be very physical at times and involves a lot of walking back and forth at times.
I busted my narrow ass hard enough last week in some serious heat enough I had to poke a new hole in my belt.
When yer as skinny as I am, that's doing something.

So, wish me luck.

Now ya know why there hasn't been much going on around here, I been busy.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Good luck!

    Work of any kind can be darn hard to come by.

  2. Check out those padded panties for your skinny butt.. Nasty girl won't mind... might even be dang sexy!

  3. and oh, yes... good luck ... jobs are hard to come by...

  4. The placement agency makes money off you. So, yes, it does cost you something. If you are being paid $18/hr, The placement company makes $4+hr off you. They are also paying your insurance and all benefits.The company for which you work can fire you in a heartbeat with no repercussions. As a matter of fact, the agency will be the one to tell you that you are not to go back. THEN, they can send you elsewhere to work, whether you like it or not. The reason? The agency also pays your unemployment if you collect. It is a job for you, but not as free of debt to them as you think. Good luck on the job! ($$$ I gave may vary)

  5. Good luck, friend.

    This is the best news I've heard in quite a while.

    Let's hope they're smart enough to be impressed with you and will treat you well.



  6. Great news hoss, best of luck!

  7. Hope you get it. Good luck dude!

    The reason so many companies are using this method is they use less people in the hiring process and the HR dept in general, plus they can shit-can the employee's by just saying they don't want them there any longer and they don't have to worry about being sued, or paying unemployment benefits.

  8. fingers and toes crossed for ya babe....

  9. Good luck, bro. I'm thinking good thoughts for ya.

  10. Hester Prynne4:36 AM

    Good Luck! You deserve it and so much more. Going to an agency has been suggested to me since I had my hours cut and have had no luck finding work for 6 months. Can't wait till you post again and we hear good news! I'll be saying a prayer for you!

  11. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Good luck on the interview - that definitely sounds like a good one!

  12. The good news is you have the whole work hard routine figured out. Puts you way ahead of a hell of a lot of folks.
    Hope you get the gig, Bro.

  13. Luck be yours, oh skinny one - crikey, you can't lose more weight, or every time you close an eye, you'll look like a needle!!

    Shade and Sweetwater,