Thursday, September 29, 2011

Damn I'm Tired

My first full day out in the production room.

Like I said in the last post, I have been having a hell of a time sleeping all night lately.
This morning I woke up at Oh dark fucking thirty again, 4:00 AM.

I was going to go back to sleep but the low battery warning on my cell phone started beeping and when it does that, I don't trust that little fucker as far as I can throw it.
Usually it will beep once and die.
Soooo, I laid there trying to stay awake, of course, I dozed off but my mind must have been aware of my anxiousness not to be late for a job that I just started Monday and that I am on double secret probation for the next six fucking months, so I woke the fuck back up and turned the lights on.
Fucked around on the computer trying to catch up with some of my favorite sites for a while and bailed out.

There is a reason I have left those butt munchers in D.C. alone for a while, I don't need the added aggravation right now, I have a lot on my plate as it is.

Got to work, this time only twenty minutes early instead of eleven fucking hours like yesterday, and started in.

Basically, now I am a Millwright.

It's still turning wrenches, you know, Lefty loosie, Righty tighty, but it is all on things I have never seen before so there is a steep learning curve.

Mostly, figuring out where the hell what I am supposed to be working on is because all of their machinery has a number and I have no fucking clue where that certain machine is yet and I just saw the insides of the place for the first time yesterday afternoon.

I had to take a test for confined space entry ( thank you, Demeur) and Lock out tag out protocol.

Wouldn't ya know it, first thing this morning I had to do a lock out tag out and go get an oxygen meter to go down where the machine was we were going to take out with an over head crane.

This place uses Argon gas like crazy and that shit is odorless, tasteless yet non toxic, but it is heavier than air and will collect like water in the under ground pits with grates over head.
It will fucking keeel you if it fills up the pit and displaces the oxygen and without this oxygen sensor with alarms, you won't have a clue of what is happening to you except you just feel real sick, right before you die.

Anyway's, this is getting long.
My feet are killing me from the new steel toe'd boots I have to wear and I am beat from lack of sleep.

Come to me my pretty little pint of whiskey, Daddy needs a good nights sleep.

Speaking of Daddy, today is my Dads Birthday.

I need to make a phone call.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. In no time at all you'll have job down cold. It's always stressful when starting something new, but hell, it keeps you from getting bored, right?

    Then there's that thing called a steady paycheck. Nothing to sneeze at.

  2. The pretty little pint is what is waking you up at night. I don't think I have to explain that!

    In what kind of place do you work? I understood little of the first except that Argon will kill you.

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