Friday, November 24, 2006

The new Dem majority

Subpoena, anyone?

Well, now.
The repubs got their asses handed to them,finally.
I was starting to think there were a whole lot of completely stupid people in this country.Guess they finally opened their eyes and said,"Oh Fuck No!"
So, now that Leahy is already smelling blood and kicking off some (Long overdue) investigations, Who should get the first subpoena?Thats a tough one to call. Soooo many crooked motherfuckers out there.And before you start in, if there are some Dems in the crooked category,(you know there are) FINE. Clean them out too!This country is long overdue for a good purge.Maybe now there will be some accountability in the current administration.And maybe we can finally get back to being some decent people.

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