Thursday, June 12, 2014

But It's Part Of My Charm!

Damn, I just realized I haven't posted anything here in six months.

Time flies when ya sober up and work six and seven days a week.

I just hit two fucking years without a drink last week.

If you read some of the old posts here, you will see just what an amazing feat that is...


Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. I just hit two fucking years without a drink last week.

    Damn, what made you take that enormous step? :)

    1. I have been a hard partier for all my adult life and it left me with nothing but misery.
      I lost houses, a wife, a ten year relationship after that and pretty much everything I owned.
      Totaled almost 30 cars, the full meal deal.
      Towards the end, at 150 lbs., I was drinking almost a fifth of straight whiskey with beer chasers all by myself, every day.
      It's called being a functional alcoholic because I still got up and went to work.
      My oldest friend came to me in desperate need of help and I was such a mess I couldn't help myself, let alone him. I will never forgive myself for that as the guy literally kept me alive thirty years ago.
      That same day I was drunk and driving with my wife's kid in the car. She picked up and left.
      That night I sat myself down and had a long conversation with myself and asked what was more important in my life. The booze or my family and continued freedom because I was drinking and driving every day too.

      At fifty two years of age, I finally grew up.
      I quit cold turkey.

  2. Good on you, keep it up. Now the offer is for coffee. But do write a little more frequently.