Monday, December 31, 2012

It Be Toe Tappin' Time Again

Warren Haynes is one under appreciated motherfucker is all I can say. The man touches my soul with his musical renditions like few others ever have in my entire life.
Pair him up with another master guitarist like Derek Trucks and magic happens.

I can listen to this one tune on a loop for an hour it is so good.

Have some Soulshine folks.

If you act now, I will double down on the good stuff.

I have always liked a good Slackjaw Jezebel too ya know. This is one of my personal favorite tunes.

This one is off the charts awesome.
Beautifully Broken

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  1. Bro i dig the shit out of his newer man in motion cd. Check out Your wildest dreams and on a real lonely night! Damn fine taste in jams there Bro!