Friday, April 06, 2007

Another BushCo Crony Down

Via AP News.

Monica Goodling, top aide to endangerd AG Gonzales submitted her resignation unexpectedly today, to be effective tomorrow.
In a three letter sentence she offered her resignation with no reason attached.
This comes almost two weeks after she told Congress that she would not appear for questioning and would invoke her fifth amendment rights if subpoenaed.

This is going to put the hurt on Abu something fierce.
Reportedly he has been practicing his testimony day and night in anticipation of his appearance before The Oversight committee.

Dude, How much practice does it take to say 'I can't recall' or ' I don't remember'?

Be cause as sure as I am sitting here , that is what we are looking at.
My guess is Abu is toast. He is between a rock and a very hard place.
The Repubs have been backing away from him like he has herpes.
Even Shrub has been getting quieter on the subject. All we need now is a 'heckofajob' moment, and he's done.
First I want to see the little bastard sweat. Hard. Then I want to see him get slapped with a contempt of congress charge.
Abu is responsible for many of the legal horrors visited on us by this administration and has much to atone for.

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