Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hammer Blames Me

Tom Delay(R Thug) announced this morning that he is stepping down from his Congress seat and will not seek re-election.
Delay blamed his long awaited fall on "Liberal Democrats". That would be me.His announcement came 3 days after his Deputy Chief of staff Tony Rudy pleaded guilty to conspiracy and corruption charges. Delay claims Rudy's guilty plea had nothing to do with his decision to drop out of the race.Delay was indicted last September on money laundering and illegal campaign finance charges.Delay was quite self assured when he claimed that Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earl was going to have his position taken away from him by the State Legislature.Mr. Dealy recently had his concealed weopons permit revoked as he is under indictment. Questions remain as to the reationship of members of his family in the investigation.

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