Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jayzus fucking Christ, I cannot believe what I just witnessed.
Tweety, (Chris Mathews), was just interviewing some completely retarded fucking moron who is currently a motherfucking Senator from Missouri and is the Vice Chair for the Intelligence Committee and was asked what we should do with the prisoners currently held in Guantanamo because it has now been slated to be closed and this completely ignorant fuck, Kit Bond, said he thinks we should send them to ALCATRAZ!!

Somebody needs to be smacked upside the head with a Two By Four Of Enlightenment!

How fucking far out of current events can you possibly be?

Holy Shit!
How long has Alcatraz been closed now?
Forty? Fifty fucking years?

By the way, you did figure out this brain dead mother fucker is a Republican, didn't you?

Gee, I took it out of context. SOP for these fucking pricks.
There is your talking point.


  1. Alcatraz was closed when JFK was president, so it's been over 45 years.

  2. Except that its in Nancy Pelosi's district and if they escape, its on her :) It might be worth it ;)