Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bye Bye Blago

The now Ex Governor of Illinois was successfully impeached and banned for life from holding public office today.
The next thing he gets to look forward to is finding a place to live and moving out of the Governors digs.
After that, I see criminal indictments in that guys future.
Patrick Fitzgerald is going to nail his hide to the wall.

One less crooked politician is always a good thing.


  1. True that, my friend!

  2. One down, hundreds to go.....

  3. ... a place to live ...

    There's a nice place just outside Joliet. Heh ...

  4. He never moved -in- to the mansion. He "worked" from his home in Chicago, The "Big Jim" building downtown and from his "campaign" office. With a helicopter and gulfstream at his disposal, he used the Governor's mansion as his Holiday Inn Express.

    Of course he kept the state's home fully staffed and guarded. Used it as backround on his Christmas cards and had his name emblazoned on every flat surface there.

    Feds wouldn't have needed to jump through as many hoops to get wiretaps if he'd taken up residence.

    Still and all, can't argue your last sentence.