Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I Hate The Media, V.248.

Stupid fucking bastards.
They spent all damn day fucking the dog and flapping their gums trying to fill in the time while Obama and his entourage went 136 fucking miles on a train.


Now , CN fucking N is having a hissy fit that the President elect is going to rip out the bowling alley that Richard Fucking Nixon had installed in the Whitehouse and put in a Basketball court.

Yeah, like I could give a rats ass.

STFU and start doing some investigation into the criminal activities of the Bush administration and leave the National Enquirer to do the heavy lifting, OK?


  1. Since the Bush administration is on the way out, let them go. Start investigating the people and shit this new asshole is committing. He's probably got a lot more to hide than Bush ever did, especially since Bush has been in the public eye nearly all his life.
    Start with an honest investigation as to whether he's even qualified to hold the office.

  2. YUP! Busted said so well... as usual!

  3. Donnygull10:58 AM

    Been reading your blog for a while now. Like what you have to say. I have a lot in common with you. However, you have a couple of fucktards that haunt this place that just have to throw shit at Obama, before he's even in D.C. Shywolf, or some other quasi macho asshole that talks tough and is no doubt as formidable as Rush Limbaugh. Have to try not to look at their crap or I won't be coming back-(

  4. Hey you haven't been blogging long enought if you don't get at least one troll.

    Wonder if Obama will have the place fumigated before he moves in? Or how about having Michelle sell that 1/2 million dollar dinnerware that Pickles just bought.

  5. Donnygull, thanks for stopping by and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    As far as I can tell, the First amendment is still somewhat in effect, especially that freedom of speech thing.

    I try not to deny anyone their say.

    I usually will clean up repeat comments that are unintended and Spammers are outta here the minute I see one.
    Other than that, have at it.

    I have no problem voicing my opinion on any Blog I feel the urge to say something about.

    If the Blog owner decides to delete my comment because they disagree with my statements then I feel that that is a very negative light on that person.

    Once again, thank you very much for reading what I have to say and feel free to say whatever you want, that goes for everyone.


  6. One more thing, Shywolf, the Bush administration has 399 documented scandals attributed to various departments and individuals.
    The politicization of the Justice Department is a most grievous offense.
    Along with illegal wiretapping the American public at large and torturing confessions out of prisoners of war,these are things that a country that is supposed to be a country governed by laws and not men, that cannot be ignored and should be investigated and prosecuted.

    I ain't ready to make nice.

  7. Hi Busted Knuckles;

    I agree with your comment above this one but you forgot starting a war on misinformation.

  8. Chuckling, 'Knuckles- I ain't ready to make nice with people whose stated aim is to kill me, either. So torture the blood out of them as far as I'm concerned. So long as 'those' people use media to display their kind of torture in cutting off heads, broadcast shootings of not only innocent people, but civilians, then to hell with waterboarding: burn the suckers one inch of skin at a time.
    So far as 399 documented scandals: as I said, he's gone. How many of Soterobama's appointees (and he's not even in DC yet!) have scandals already? I don't agree with many of Bush's policies, but he sure as hell went after the terroists after 9-11, which is a lot more than Kerry would have done and more than Clinton did after any attack on American soil. And, I'm afraid, is tremendously more than Soterobama will do.
    So far as 'misinformation' causing the war we are in: wake up! Congress had as much information as he did. If they didn't, then how did we get into this war? If you know anything about the Constitution, you'd know Bush could not have got us into a war without Congress' approval. So look to your senators and congressmen and ask them why we're there. Don't blame Bush. That's a chicken-shit way of passing the buck.
    Since Bush is gone, let's honestly investigate the one who thinks he's above the Constitution. If you want to discuss 'politicization of the Justice Department'...check who Soterobama put in charge.
    I agree: wiretapping (and internet tapping, ALL tapping) should not be allowed. But do you really think its not 'being legal' is going to make any difference to the government agencies? Dream on, Sir.
    I agree: let's be a nation goverened by laws. But make those laws commensurate with the Constitution. If you want to discuss 'governed by laws and not men', let's bring the Ten Commandments back to where they belong instead of putting them out of sight so our poor, frail sensibilities aren't offended.
    To Donnygull- anytime you want to meet face to face is fine with me. You'll find I'm no 'quasi macho asshole that talks tough'. I'll back up any comment I make. So far as not coming back to Busteds site: you're obviously a chicken shit who won't listen to another's opinion.
    At least Busted still believes in the First Amendment, as do I. He, or anyone, is free to leave any statement they want on my blog as well.

  9. What, someone has their panties in a wad because a (half)black man wants a basketball court? Shoulda seen it coming...

  10. Backscuttler8:01 PM

    Left a comment earlier but it didn't get registered. Must not have my mojo working right.

  11. Donnygull9:04 AM

    Busted... You are quite right in your protection of the right of free speech, and I apologize if my post seemed to deny that right. I took the liberty of reading Mr. Wolf's bio and should have realized that he's just another para military freeper that's got a " little gun " complex. I personally carry a derringer , secure in the fact that its the workman and not the tool that makes the difference.