Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice Parting Shot GW.

Ya fucking cocksucker.

Is it just me, or do I not hear any Millionares suddenly complaining that the tax breaks they have been getting suddenly qualify as Earned Income, and they have to pay taxes on that generous gesture from Asshole Inc.?

It's not just me?
Guess what?
That little Economic Stimulous Check we got last year is.

Taxable Income.
Just like that dead fucking bastard Reagan, all of a sudden Unemployment benefits are taxable income, never mind that you are getting taxed on money you already earned and payed into a fund managed by the fucking government!

My fucking Tax rebate just went down almost dollar for dollar compared to his most generous give back of the money I already put into the system.

I file Single with ZERO dependents, the highest fucking amount possible being yanked out of my check without me authorizing any extra to be pulled out of my total income, as far as I know, gets pulled out every fucking payday.
Lots and lots.
I generally look forward to getting my fucking taxes back, I can't spend it if I don't have it.

But No.

Georgie just stuck one more up my ass.
Fucking Cocksucker.

Beware if Obama tries to pull the same shit.

The motherfuckers who just got BILLIONS of dollars, I will bet my fucking ass, will not have to pay a fucking dime in Earned Income taxes because it was basically a fucking GIFT from US!

Either way, they have all these Off Shore accounts they run this money through.

Oh Yeah, I am NOT a happy camper right now.

Who do I have to grab by the throat to get one of those fucking FEMA trailers that we are paying millions of dollars to sit in a farmers field so that the government can pay them to scrap?

Sorry, I have a serious tude right now.
Dirty fucking bastards.

As Demeur in comments points out, the stimulus check from last year does NOT count as earned income as I was so pissed off about last night and was apparently screaming conspiracy theories out of my ass. Kudos to you sir, I was incorrect.
That still does not explain why, after making almost the exact same amount of money as I did the year before, my rebate this year is almost dollar for dollar lower than last year by the amount of that stimulus check.
Quite the fucking coincidence.
Oh, and FUCK BUSH anyway.


  1. They smile and shake your hand as they reach around to stab you in the back......

  2. And not even a kiss or a fuckin reach around. WTF
    Oh yeah, no fuckin grease either. We takin it dry.....and sideways.

  3. OUCH !!! Again...!

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    You don't want a FEMA trailer. They have been moved and set up so many times that most leak. Short bit on local news a couple of weeks ago about light fixtures filling up with water here in east central Iowa. Pretty sure most were made for warm climates. . .

  5. That's odd because by the instructions I read Section 1 Economic stimilus is not taxable income on federal tax return.
    Think you need to check on this (page 4) of the instructions.

  6. I don't do my own taxes and I can't get a hold of the ex to find out.
    If that is true , I will update the post to clarify that.
    On the other hand, I find it quite the fucking coincidence that my rebate is almost TO THE DOLLAR below what it was last year by the stimulus amount.
    Oh and Fuck Bush anyway.

  7. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I didn't have to pay taxes on my stimulas check last year. Thought I could follow your blog often after putting it in my favorites file, but NO. Reading the first message did it. You should go wash your mouth with soap or maybe take a course in good

  8. Anonymous7:24 PM

    ,,,language usage!

  9. UMMM, what part Of Ornery BASTARD did you seem to miss?

    I am sorry you are offended by adult language.

    Thanks for stopping by though!

  10. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Busted, until you do yer own taxes, yer GONNA get screwed, and likely, not by Bush.

    Muscle up, hoss. Do yer own taxes.

    Geebuz, henpecked is as henpecked . . . . is.

    Do yer own taxes, hoss. Krimeny.

    Life is simple, don't fuck it up, hoss.

  11. Bud, fer forty fuckin' dollars, she is the shit.