Monday, January 19, 2009

Are Ya Watching Any Of This Shit?

Pretty fucking mind blowing what I am seeing going on in DC, even that Dickhead Tweety just said
he has never seen anything like it.


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Yo Busted. 9am. Left Coast Time.

    I got Bushmills, cubed ice, and a rocks glass that's gonna get three fingers full.

    And then, I'm gonna sip the day away, till that bottle's dry, in honor of this historic occasion.

    And Wednesday, wake up and start the fuckin work all over again to make sure we don't get another 8 like the last 8.

    If yer in, I'll nod north at 9, after I nod Eest. If yer not in, yer a wuss or yer working.

    And frankly, work is NO excuse not to have a boot flask full ready for a quick visit to the men's room (or women's room) at 9am.

    This is fuckin history people, it won't come again.

    This is bigger than FDR, bigger than 12/7/41.

    This is bigger than most anything since the Federalist Papers and the signing of the Declaration and the signing of the Constitution.

    This is it, we make this work or we're all fucked for oru lifetimes, who knows, maybe fucked for the planet's sake if it goes to hell and nukes lob.

    You'd all BEST be with me giving our supplication to the moment. 9am, ya raht bastids. Be there.

    'Kin Harumph.

    Slainte Mthah.

  2. Home stretch. Spinning out of the turn... Pouring's done. chattering of ice melting...

    Standing by.