Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Be Caught Unawares

Get yer ass to the liquor store now to get your Goodbye Bush Bottle!

There is going to be a worldwide party when that asshole is gone on the 20th.

I know I am going to get hammered and that is going to be a sweet hangover.


  1. If there was reason for me to get hammered this would be it and it could very well happen.

    How is life in the big house?

  2. This is enought to make me want to start drinking again at least for that day.
    Hoist one for me Busted.

  3. Saluto! Er, is it too early to start (hic)?

  4. Not at all Diva!
    I just had to get home first.

  5. I'm going to have to go out on the internets and see if anyone has invented a new mixed drink for the occasion.

  6. Actually, I'm buying the bottle so I can lament the fact that asshole baby killing, Constitution-bashing Mubarack Hussein Soterobama is being sworn in.

  7. To each their own Shy.
    Bush has been proven without a doubt to have violated the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and has over four hundred scandals attributed to his administration.
    These are facts.

    Obama I have very serious concerns about personally but has not even been sworn in yet.

    The first drinks are for goodbye to bad rubbish and then I will take it from there.
    The Democrats are every fucking bit as guilty as BushCo in my book for letting him get away with all that shit.

    In the mean time, thanks for stopping by and I heartily recommend buying more ammo.

    I look forward to your next post, I do stop by your place too.


  8. I'm thinking there may be a small PAR-TAY in my immediate future as well!!

    Just wish I could talk him into moving to another state, instead of coming to Texas again!!

  9. Lisa; It's called "The BUSH-WACKER"

    Allow me to demonstrate. [This will require 'some' nudity and a lot of candles...]

  10. OK lisa, I originally came up with this one the day Scooter Libby got convicted and I called it
    Fitzgeralds Hammer Of Justice but we will just modify it to
    "The Hammer".

    The Hammer

    1 shot 151 rum
    1 shot Grenadine
    1 shot Crown Royal (you can substitute John Jameson’s Irish whiskey for the Crown Royal — he’s fighting against the monarchy after all.)
    orange juice to taste served over crushed ice with a pillow on the side.

    When you are good and hammered, use the pillow.

    Take my word for it, it works fast.

  11. the Hammer..excellent..we needed a good drink..thanks..

  12. Nice drink. Just omit the orange juice, and you're good to go!

  13. I just don't now if Obama is going to be any better. I wanna stay sober and keep and eye on him.


  14. I'm going to try that drink. I think I'll be fine, even without the pillow.

  15. Don't misunderestimate (sic) the consequence of dueling hangovers. One spirits based, the other? the ongoing effects of ratfuckery.

    Though through creative hyphenating, a suitable ingestible might be a shot of Bush-mills Single Malt with an Old Fitz chaser.

    Repeat as necessary.

  16. Damn, I am out of rum. But I am pretty sure that sufficient quantities of single malt or very appropriate Absolute New Orleans vodka will do the job for me!

  17. Thanx for stopping by- and yup, get the ammo supply elevated to the sky. Got a gun show to attend this week end, hoping to get another sidearm of 'manly' caliber.
    I agree that Bush wasn't too good (damn down right terrible) with the Constitution- but we're to blame for that, too. But Soterobama's record is so bad there's no way I'm going to acknowledge him as MY leader, so his getting sworn in is moot with me.