Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Policy On Comments.

I elevated this from the comments so that there will be NO DOUBT about my attitudes towards commenters who voice their opinions here.

As far as I can tell, the First amendment is still somewhat in effect, especially that freedom of speech thing.

I try not to deny anyone their say.

I usually will clean up repeat comments that are unintended and Spammers are outta here the minute I see one.
Other than that, have at it.

I have no problem voicing my opinion on any Blog I feel the urge to say something about.

If the Blog owner decides to delete my comment because they disagree with my statements then I feel that that is a very negative light on that person.

Once again, thank you very much for reading what I have to say and feel free to say whatever you want, that goes for everyone.

The only thing I have to add to this is that I will not tolerate threats or intimations of violence, other than that, I welcome a spirited discourse and the use of the peoples english is encouraged.

H/T Lolcats fer the pic..



  1. Is that directed at me or is it just a spurt of exuberance?

  2. Yes? It's yours to use as you see fit. I had extras, wasn't using them... to show that I'm down with socialism, I'm spreading the warmth.

    I didn't see the triggering comments.
    Did somebody threaten somebody? You?
    Lemme at `em....

  3. No, just a disagreement about attitude and opinion.
    You know the old saying, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

    I just felt sad that someone who had been lurking unknown felt that their first comment needed to be concerned about their dislike of another commenter's opinion.

    Around here, it's a Free For All.

  4. Busted- you know I mean no animosity toward you or your opinion: thank you for allowing the First Amendment rights of all of us. God bless.
    I hope you know I'm not a lurker and do sign all my comments, though not always signed in.

  5. You are always welcome to state your opinion Shy.

  6. Cowart8:38 PM

    Rehctaw seems to have some disdain toward socialism. I guess he is delighted to see Bush move on before he nationalized not only wallstreet but all of the insurance companies. Next might have been the auto industry. I agree with Shy and I too enjoy this site. We don't get anything in Alabama but religious zealots. Keep up the good work.
    Carl Cowart, Decatur, AL

  7. ...thanx Busted...wish i was as articulate with the 'choice' many years of editing myself in front of the young'uns and can't even cuss right...

  8. Jaysus H. Christ on a Frozen Banana!

    This is a fun place. Gonna have to spin one, spark up and take a look around.

    Thanks BK for the linkies, I got your back too.

    And yes, I visited the Hanford site in '76 and been glowing in the dark ever since.

  9. Exercising my 1st Amendment rights - I've been enjoying your political spin for a few weeks now.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Donnygull9:18 AM

    The first amendment is a fine thing. But slander seems to dance right along with it. Of course everyone has a right to their opinion but after years of watching this country torn apart by ignorant right wing bastards that think that the answer lies in automatic weapons and cowboy swaggering , I'm ready to start re evaluating what makes good American citizens. Clever writing and colorful stories are one thing but a constant stream of whining about the left , before they even start seems to me a wee bit retarded. Sorry but I haven't been exactly lurking here, and also sorry if you survivalists can't take some buffeting without a nervous breakdown. But I happen to enjoy BK's excellent writing style. As for the Posse Commitatis crap. well you can all go play soldier anytime you want and wait for the end times, but I'll keep commenting on knuckle dragging ignorance every time I see it , that is until BK thinks I've gone too far. So I'll get off my soapbox, and for the record you can have your AR-15's with tricked out add ons anytime. In Detroit we prefer a Mossberg slugster loaded with 00 Buck and alternating with sabots.

  11. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Busted, love your site, love your style. but how come Rehctaw always gets the good one liners. ;-)

    As to differences of opinion, I think that the 23% who can't seem to tolerate a world without THEIR version of god being shoved in my face, who can't seem to tolerate gays, people of color or people of other cultures, I think they should be rounded up and given all their desired freedoms in the eastern part of Mississippi and the western part of Alabama.

    Then a fence should be built to keep them there, and they can secede from the Union and relive the glory of The Confederacy When Cotton Was King.

    Outta my asshole, that's my opinion.

    'Kin Harumph.

    Oh, and Fuck Bush, Cheney AND the Fuckin Yankees.

    That about covers all 'I' got to say.

    -One Raht Bastid