Monday, January 12, 2009

More Government TWICS To Tickle My Funny Bone.

Ha, Ha, I ain't laughing, motherfuckers.

TWICS is the Latest and Greatest way for the government to track my ass.

First I had to give up smoking weed because what I do is considered to be Safety Related in the Transportation Industry,I am subject to Random Piss Tests,that alone pissed me clear the fuck off, now this.

I am NOT a Happy Camper right now.

From the Website;

What laws govern TWIC?

In accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act, or MTSA, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) will serve as an identification card for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels and all mariners holding Coast Guard issued credentials or qualification documents. Controlling access to secure areas is a critical component of DHS’ efforts to enhance port security. Additionally, TWIC implementation will comply with the schedule established in the SAFE Port Act.


Who must get a TWIC?

An estimated 750,000 individuals will be required to obtain a TWIC. This includes Coast Guard-credentialed merchant mariners, port facility employees, longshoremen, truck drivers, and others requiring unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act.

Here comes the fun part, besides my employer taking $132.50 out of my fucking paycheck in increments because they won't pay for this horseshit, even though , other than work, I have absolutely no fucking reason to be wandering around any of the places covered under this, I have to subject myself to a FEDERAL Threat Assessment investigation and background check, give up my fingerprints and a photo that is now in a National Security Database!!
Go figure.

More from the Gestapo,

Security Threat Assessment

What does the security threat assessment consist of?

The assessment includes checks against criminal history records, terrorist watch lists, and immigration status. If no adverse information is disclosed, TSA typically completes a security threat assessment in less than 10 days. However, processing time increases for an applicant with a criminal history or other disqualifying information, and is further lengthened if the applicant initiates an appeal or waiver. This security threat assessment is the same for those applying for, transferring, or renewing a HAZMAT endorsement (HME) on their state-issued commercial drivers licenses (CDLs).

Will the results of my threat assessment be shared with my employer?

If TSA determines that an applicant poses an imminent threat to transportation or national security, TSA may notify the applicant’s employer. Generally, TSA will not provide the reasons for a disqualification to an employer. However, if TSA has reliable information concerning an imminent threat posed by an applicant and providing limited threat information to an employer, facility, vessel owner, or Coast Guard Captain of the Port would minimize the risk, then TSA would provide such information.

It will take six to eight weeks to find out whether or not I pass their fucking idea of 'Safe", then they will notify me by cellphone,(!!!!!!) if I have qualified.

They then issue you a fucking card with an RFID chip in it, that is instantly connected to all of my personal information and fingerprints!


Ignorant motherfucking paranoid dog dick sucking bastards!!

Ya ever heard of "Hackers"?


Even I have seen plans on the internet on how to build a portable RFID chip scanner that you can build for next to fucking nothing. This is absolutely insecure, my personal fucking information is hanging out there for any sonofabitch in line behind me at Safeway who has one of these things!

Oh, they do tell you not to carry it in your wallet, you might break their little antennae and then the card won't work..

Boy Howdy, would I like to break some idiots little antennae.

I am seriously pissed off about this and the best part is that this shit has been in the pipeline for a couple of years and my employer put up a flyer in the lunch room two weeks ago and that was it, I had no fucking clue what TWICS was until I asked one of the truck drivers.

I guess I could have said no, you want something fixed, you call a fucking tow truck and drag it out on the street and I will look at it, but it doesn't fucking matter anymore, I am already in the fucking system anyway, guaranteed. The ironic part of that is that the fucking Tow Truck Driver has to have a TWICS Card!

Dirty fucking bastards.

Well, they can STILL kiss my ass because if I actually get one of those fucking things I am going to triple wrap it in tin foil and they can just fucking wait for me to unwrap it every mother fucking time they want to verify my info.
Two can play at this asshole game, assholes.


  1. This is special

    Generally, TSA will not provide the reasons for a disqualification to an employer.

    You can't even defend yourself. You sonsofbitches. Dogma for an agenda of control that will not be reversed.

    This is what our side served up for us with equal portions of other steaming shit dishes.

    Are we going to get something better soon. I very much fucking doubt it the way things are looking.

    On a side note the bet is on whatever the hell it was.

  2. This is damn scary, Busted.

  3. Jeezus..... We ain't heard of any such thing yet, but then again, we never venture into the port either. We don't stock fish into cesspools...... HA! I guess has to implement their shit on a "captive audience" if nothing else.... Wrap that sucker in foil, I likes that.... Better yet, nuke it for a few seconds to fry their fuckin' chip!

  4. The day I gotta do this is the day I get out of the car business, permanently.

  5. I have considered every wrench I've ever known to be armed and dangerous. For this reason, among many, I call them my friends. I'm not stupid.

    We're hurtling toward a new class of criminals, UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS.

    At some point, voluntary compliance will be replaced by grudging resentment which will lead to armed insurrection. The "strike while the iron is hot brigade" who've long advocated and desired absolute police authority will be first against the wall when that day dawns.

    The aftermath will be horrific and other worldly, but it's our own damn fault. We allowed ourselves to be shoved past "too far" in the mistaken belief that the threat was external.

  6. How in the Hell do these folks manage to get this kind of shit passed without us seeing it?

    Guess it is just the tip of the iceburg! Scary!

  7. Well let me play devil's advocate and ask: How would you protect the nation's ports, airports, chemical plants etc? How would you verify that the guy in the white box van is a good guy? You can't have escorts for all the cargo and baggage that gets moved every day. If you have any better ideas I'm sure they'd like to know. Security is all a perception you know. Once that sense is gone commerce stops.

  8. Jesus Harold Christ on a motherfucking Rubber CRUTCH!!!!!

    As a "yacht" [reality:live-aboard vessel-- MY FUCKING HOUSE, COCKSUCKERS!]owner i see having to participate.


    just another way to keep track...

    Of every scrap piece of tinfoil on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Fuckin LUCK, uncle SAMMIE!!!