Saturday, January 17, 2009

Media Overload

I am sitting on my ass today, it was a long week and I am tired.

So as I sit here, sipping a tall cold one, I am flipping through the channels and reading the local fish wrapper, some interesting bits here and there but by far the media is focusing on Obamas train ride to Washington DC.

The inanity of the talking heads has reached new lows.

My God what fucking drivel they come up with to fill in air time.

In the local Rag, I see a local bank just went tits up and got handed to another bank,anyone with accounts having over 250,000 just got hosed unless the FDIC feels some pity on them.

The air quality sucks ass around here too.
They just issued a Level 2 air quality warning and have instructed the sheeple that there is no burning to be done, inside or out.

Unless your sole source of heat is a woodstove, you are FORBIDDEN to light a fire due to the amount of particulate in the air already which is because we are experiencing a thermal inversion and there isn't a lick of wind in the area to carry our pollution somewhere else for other folks to enjoy.

That is unusual.
The wind constantly blows around here.

Washington state has some extremely strict regulations on woodstoves, it is fucking ridiculous .
I wanted to put in a woodstove about fifteen years ago when I was married and when I finally deciphered all the fucking regulations, it was apparent that the fucking thing would be sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by heat shields.

Fucking idiots.
The ironic part is that Washington state is known as the Evergreen State because of all the fucking trees.

In other news, Israel decided to quit murdering the neighbors long enough to reload.
Right after they shelled another U.N. safehaven, killing a couple more innocent children.


North Korea has "Militarized" some Plutonium.

Heck Of A Job Bushie.

The Axis of Evil just got case hardened.

I certainly see this as one of the first dishes to be served our new Lord and Master right after his elevation to the highest office in the land, along with a fucking litany of other
most pressing items.
The man is going to be busy.

Anyway, enough navel gazing.
I have a cold beer calling, nay, screaming my name.

Have a good weekend folks.


  1. All those things, and more, are precisely what's wrong with this country. Obammy ain't gonna do shit about none of it either.... You need a new countdown clock Busted, one that counts down to fedgov bankruptcy. Give it 6 months.....

  2. Judging from what's happening in make not be that long!

    Pack the bags, buddy!

  3. Have one for me Busted... Doc says no more Beer...shit piss and confuction is all I can say about that development in my life!

  4. I would get a new doctor.