Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Or is Mickey Dees out of their fucking mind?

It's been a long week.
Moving into my folks with a bunch of clothes baskets and a couple of cats, one of which is a long haired black cat, into a fucking house with white carpets and a cranky old woman has kicked my ass.
The worst part is my folks have a slab of concrete for a mattress.
Fuck me, I wake up five or six times a night hurting like I got run over and to top it all off, Moms fucking 1972 alarm clock is fucked up, what a surprise.

I know you are going to read this, I am just venting, I will get over it folks, enjoy your vacation.

So I drive another ten miles past this joint to The Rat Hole so I can check my mail and go have a couple with the gang.

I get here and I have bills and junk mail and I look and here is McDonalds hustling this new Espresso shit with a butt load of coupons.

I ain't the quickest guy around, but I did raise a couple of kids and my jaw dropped open when I saw one of the Free Espresso coupons was if ya bought a Kiddy meal.

I hope there were no Hot Chocolates in that order.
There will be a little kid bouncing around the inside of your car like a Bumblebee in a jar.

Nicely done .


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