Friday, January 30, 2009

Liberal Whackaloons Turning Into Survivalists?

Even Rawles is seeing it. Hey, I am a left winger and I have been working on it about a year now!
All politics is off the table when it comes down to who is left living and breathing after the SHTF as far as I am concerned.

"The movement's definitely growing," Rawles, manager of the site, told AFP by telephone from what he described as a survival-ready ranch "somewhere west of the Rocky Mountains."

Survivalists have a long history in the United States. But what used to be the preserve of anti-establishment loners, cultists and gun nuts has gone mainstream.

Government agencies are encouraging citizens to prepare evacuation plans and food supplies in case of myriad disasters.

Firearms, gold pieces, and long-storage food are reportedly flying off the shelves, and the Internet is flooded with sites like, where the like-minded exchange tips on everything from marksmanship to cheese making.

"We're seeing three times the number of readers we had just nine months ago," Rawles said.

"The cross section of the readership is changing too. Before, most of my readership was conservative Christians. We're seeing a lot more left of center."


The more radical survivalists are getting ready for what they call EOTWAA, the End-Of-The-World-Armageddon-Apocalypse, or the niftier SHTF, as in Shit Hits The Fan.


Big government bureaucracies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security want people to prepare for trouble, even if there is no official mention of EOTWAA and SHTF.

The website urges citizens to store at least three days' worth of water and food, to prepare an escape plan from their city, and to have means of filtering out contaminated air.

"Practice earthquake and tornado drills at home, school and work," says, also warning that pets will not be allowed into public evacuation centers.

New York-based specialist Aton Edwards says the government's stand proves survivalists were right all along.

"People ran away from it at first, saying it was alarmist and fearmongering. They didn't realize that the government is saying much the same thing," he said.

Yet Rawles estimates that not more than five percent of Americans are ready -- at least by his high standards.

"I'm surrounded by national forest. A river runs through the back end of the property, so there's no shortage of water and no shortage of fish or game to shoot," he told AFP.

"If Western civilization were to collapse tomorrow, I'd have to read about it on the Internet. I just wouldn't notice."

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  1. WHEN the shit hits the fan, it will NOT be distributed evenly. UH-OH - I think it already happened!
    I do get a kick out of our gov suggesting that we have some sort of air filtering device. Do they suggest whole-house, individual, or perhaps some sort of hybrid costco/evolution/strap-on/DNA derived system?

    Years ago I actually had bought and paid for a beautiful 60 acres in NE washington overlooking the Kettle River. After the inevitable divorce, I tried to stay there and live the life, but was surrounded by serious pot growers/federal helicopters, and my own drinking and learn, eh?

  2. Know that spot well, Mr. N. I grew up in the Okanogan. I have access to a few acres in the Methow just west of there, near Loup Loup.

    Until we get wise about cannabis here in this country, there will always be more growers and feds in that area than law-abiding citizens.

    We can only hope.

  3. Left wing, right wing, no wings, who cares? So long as folks are gettin' ready!

  4. You got it dude.
    People are people when they are fucking starving, freezing or can't pick themselves off the ground.

    Politics generally pisses me off in the first place as it is a weapon of the ruling classes to divide and conquer.
    There isn't a bit of difference in the long run between any of those fuckers.