Friday, January 09, 2009

Frontal Assault Complete

Never the subtle one, I pulled in the driveway here at Gentry Way with enough throttle to have a bunch of porch lights get turned on, I'm Baaaaack!
What a fucking week.
I am wiped out.
After I got home,I grabbed my second amendment , one of the fucking cats, a buttload of dirty clothes and a half a bottle of whiskey and tight assed it over here in The Beast to my folks's place in time to give my Granny a chance to vent for a few minutes and then I went out and got THE most important piece of baggage, the fucking Heating Pad.
I ain't purty but I ain't stupid either.That fucking rib is being stubborn and won't pop in and I don't have the dough to go see a bone cracker just this minute.

That other stupid fucking cat decided it needed to get back to nature and dived out the door between my legs and disappeared while I was falling out the door, loaded down with essential shit.
I tried to call it and it was all about soyanara motherfucka, so I returned the sentiment and left a bowl of food out.

I have to go back in the morning for another truckload of shit and I shall see if there is a Catsickle on the doorstep.

I am sure the neighbors saw the folks pull out this morning, it's kind of hard to miss a 38 foot motorhome backing out of the driveway, so they know what is going on.
They are all pretty nice people, even though we would all be just as happy to wave at each other while taking out the garbage and not ever actually have to talk to one another.

I bought one of those cat scratch post things with the multiple levels covered in carpet when I was here last year to keep my cat from shredding my mothers couches and left it here because I have no room for it.

Baby has been here less than an hour and is going apeshit playing on the damn thing.

She has already made herself at home!

It is time for a cocktail and I am fixing to turn this heating pad up a notch and then get real adventurous and see if I can figure out how to turn on the television.

I am going to take an extravagantly long hot shower,then go start hauling more shit out of the Rat Hole.

Have a nice weekend, I will tune ya up with a progress report later.

Oh, by the way, Nine More days asshole,hurry up and get the fuck out.


  1. I swear, some days I wish our damn cats would make a break for it. I hope you're having a decent weekend, nevertheless.

  2. My wife's fuckin' useless cat prefers the couch...... Heeeeeeere Kitty Kitty Kitty, I got some nice arsenic fer ya......