Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bustedus Domesticus: Laundry Day

When I went and started mucking out the Rat Hole the other night, I completely filled the back of a short bed pickup up with clothes and bedding and any thing else I could get my hands on.

I have been doing laundry for two freakin' days!

I wanted every thing out of the way so the next time I head over there, it's going to about picking up miscellaneous shit and scrubbing and securing shit so it won't go flying around when I have to move it.
With any luck, that will be next weekend.

I was wayyyyyy overdue to clean the place up anyway, this just gives me a kick in the ass to get it done.

It's amazing what a fucking disaster a damn trailer can turn into when you are a lazy fucking slob like I am, jayzus, what a mess.

I am waiting to hear from my ex about what I can reasonably expect for a tax return.
If it is enough, I am going to be on Craig's List like stink on shit looking for a new and improved Rat Hole.

This one has served it's purpose but it is a real junker and I would like to get something maybe a little newer than a 1981 model and that everything is actually in it and works.

We shall see.

Sometimes I see some real steals .

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, my man!

  2. Yes - good luck! And don't work too hard on that cleaning thing. It'll kick your ass.

  3. One place you can look for a new rat-hole is FREECYCLE.ORG. Check it out, there is a LOT of great free shit in your area and OFTEN trailers and campers. Oh yea, you don't got to be lazy to get behind the 8-ball in a restricted area. Of course, I was raised by MASTER crap stackers and so am real good at it...
    BTW, I posted another wrench goodie at INFORMIORIUM for ya.

  4. I get several Freecycle updates a day in my email, most of it is useless crap and if I do see something interesting, there are usually at least ten people in line ahead of me, so I would just as soon go with cash in hand.

  5. The economy needs to be stimulated. Hope you get a real nice one real cheap-a picture window or a slide out would be a nice touch.

  6. Thanks, BK.
    I took your suggestion to heart at my blog.

    Tomorrow I have to do my laundry.

    But right now, I'm putting the finishing touches on about 5 pounds of homemade pepperoni. It'll be done by next weekend. After that I'll make some salami.

    Just get a couple of bottles of my brother's homebrew and I'm set.

  7. Luck! Hopefully good, too.

  8. fuck - now i gotta do my fucking laundry

    (snark on) thanks dood (snark off)

  9. Sounds like you got `em.

    "The Double-wide Blues"

    Any pics? [g]

  10. shit.

  11. Ah, Craigslist. Bringer of all things cheap and good! I've seen about a hundred good deals on trailers I wish I coulda pounced on in the last few months....