Sunday, January 04, 2009

Down For The Count

Sorry for the lack of posting but all the stress I have been under for the last month has apparently caught up to me.
Like many people, I tend to carry my stress in my upper back and neck.
For the last week and a half my neck and upper back has literally been like a bag of walnuts.One big bag of knots.
My vertebrae are all out of place, I have had wicked muscle cramps and vicious aches and pain and no freaking rest.

Time out it says.
I went out Friday and ended up walking home about a half mile and the next day, it was all I could do to get out of bed.

I finally got up about noon and got on my bike and retrieved my truck, got a propane tank and asked the neighbor if he needed any. We both got in the truck, went down and had the tanks filled, I stopped and grabbed a few packs of smokes, I came home and hooked mine up and have basically been in bed ever since.

I had a couple of shots of vodka to wash down a muscle relaxer and crashed.
I woke up several hours later, went to the bathroom and then knocked myself out again.

Every once in a while I will half way wake up and stretch and twist, trying to pop my back back into place.
So far I have cracked damn near every vertebrae in my back back in, some I have had to do several times.The neck has been cracked five or six times, working the knots out.

I have one that is just killing me, it is probably a rib popped out but it is right under my shoulder blades on the right side.
I can't hardly move my arm or head it is so painful.

Anyway, round three is coming up. I have been so tired I can't hold my head up or focus to read or type so I am going to get unconscious again.
Sorry about the light posting, goodnight.


  1. Well, you ornery so and so, I hope you recover because I'm overdue for a good laugh.

  2. Damn! Spring for a deep massage! Or see a chiropractor (I know, I hate spendin' money on that crap too....)

  3. Hey man, you take what ever time you need to get back in shape. We don't want you to overdo too much...

  4. Watch out for that popped rib business, brother - I lost a tricep for a while because of that.

    Take care.

  5. Cowart9:59 PM

    I love your remedy though. Found your site recently and enjoy your musings.

  6. Thanks fer stopping by and I appreciate ya taking the time to leave a comment Cowart.
    This is the third day in a row with these massive body aches and spasms, that tells me I am trying to fight off some kind of flu bug or something. Vodka, muscle relaxers and fifteen hours of sleep at a time and I am still hurting. I do believe the sleep is the best counter measure. I hate being sick but I think that is what is going on. Stop by when I am a bit healthier and see if I can't find something a little more entertaining to talk about.

  7. I normally disdain chiropracters ("Yes, I can help you if you see me once a week for the REST OF YOUR FREAKIN' LIFE!").

    That said, this sounds like a good time to find a reputable one, try and get your shit straight.

    And while I have no problem with mixing good drugs, both pharmaceutical and liquid, I don't think that's a good strategy for healing.

  8. (((busted)))

    feel for ya dood - been there, done that and it forking sucks big time.

  9. Sleepum, Eatum, Popum...

    But come back soon(um).
    'Cause my side needs a good stitchin'...


  10. So sorry to hear about the Misery. Have the same back/shoulder issues since a multi-level fusion of four levels of neck. Yep, vodka is your friend; so is a good chiro guy or physical therapist. And yes, sleep.