Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lot Going On

There are huge changes going on in our government and so far, I am glad to see them because they are reversing some hideous fucking policy. Even two days after BushCo is gone, I am fucking amazed at how rapidly this country went backwards to the twelfth century..
The illegal wiretapping that has been going on could damn well be the straw that breaks the camels back and some motherfuckers should be getting real nervous, unless there is some kind of agreement that us fucking plebians are not allowed to be privy to.

I woke up two days ago with my head all plugged up and then it kind of went away, I woke up a few times in the middle of the night last night and knew I have a cold.
This afternoon my throat started getting raw and then it started down my wind pipe, I haz a fucking chest cold coming like a freight train.

Keep paying attention to what the fuck is going on, shit is happening.
I am going to bed.

Bonus round, Granny is having a fit about the lady they have that cleans the house, that had a fucking baby three weeks ago. The only reason this girl would be here is that she needs the money, I can relate.
Granny thinks she paid for more than the services provided and this has pretty much been the topic since last night, on and on and on.

I told her to tell the lady to fucking take it easy, fer chrissakes.
I'll take care of the cat box and other heavy shit, told her not to fuck around making the bed I can't get any rest in it anyway and Granny is going off.
Unfortunately fer Granny, I stopped and got a bottle and have been hitting that bastard hard because I want to fucking sleep.She got her nose out of joint after I finally told her to rag on somebody that gives a shit because I don't.After fourteen times, I heard ya.
Someone is going to get a phone call tomorrow and it better not be me.

She finally figured out I have other things to deal with.



  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    damn, you're sick or hurt all the 'fristing' time. Maybe you can start a new clock that counts the number of days you're feeling okay...

  2. If you can, get some generic musinex (sorry about the spelling). Take & drink a lot of fluids. You will notice it taking effect & will hawk a lot of snot but your cold will go away a lot sooner. There is something going around (cold, sinus, something) that does just what you described - gets you, goes away, comes back about three days to a week later. Just got to wear it out BUT my boys told me to go get that mucus stuff & my only regret was I didn't listen sooner. (And you know this but too much alcohol leaves you wide open for every bug going around.)

  3. Thank you for the advice, I know it is well intentioned.

  4. Anonymous, walk a mile......

  5. That's why I put it in parenthesis. It would be capatalized it you weren't at home when you self medicate. Everyone has their poison you know. Rest as best you can, your granny sounds like a handful.

  6. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I got the same thing Busted, been a month or more it comes and goes and moves head to chest and back again.

    I JUST got that musinex a week ago, it dries me up, I'm sleeping like a baby. But still hacking up the green and yellow goobers at times.

    It's a virus, can't fight it with antibiotics like other infections. Get rest, gut it out, boost immune system with overloads of Vitamin C and anything that's relevant, lots of water, cranberry juice.

    G'Luck, Busted . . . . damn but yer henpecked for a single guy, BTW . . . ;-)

  7. Hang in there hon, I'm watching this online. You may feel like the Lone Ranger, but unfortunately, there's a ton of people in the US doing all kinds of crap just to survive.

  8. I'm glad to see the Obama Administration starting off strong. And I hope you're feeling better.