Thursday, January 08, 2009

As The Stomach Churns, So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Or something like that.
Change is gonna come, for me sooner than thee, I hope.

Yep, I fucked around and here it is.

My folks are leaving tomorrow for parts unknown until they get there, I am heading over to their place to wreak my own special kind of havoc.

Unlike a great deal of my fellow countrymen and women, I am actually going to upgrade.
I dunno how many channels of shit on the new TV, I don't even know how the fucking remote works. I did see where the sonofabitch lets ya know who is calling ya on the phone, that's a new one on me.

I am going to head over there tomorrow after work with the first load of dirty laundry and the first stupid cat that sticks it's head out for me to grab.
After that, it is going to be piecemeal but I am going to find the bottom of this Rat Hole and clean it out completely.
I haz a plan but it is too early to let on.

God Bless ya and I hope all is well with ya during this transition.
Don't worry if ya don't hear from me every day, I have a giant bottle of Aleve with my name on it and my newest bestest friend, the Heating Pad, not to mention the usual adult beverages.

A Change Is Gonna Come,
This is fucking excellent.


  1. The cats, they make good tamales?

  2. Hey Busted...just try and blend in, OK? Don't want to scare the neighbors, do we...

  3. Tamales?

    I will find out if the neighbors varmints taste like chicken before I decide to publish a new cookbook.

    As fer blending in, HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
    The neighbors have their own airplanes and hangers and a private airstrip . Ya think maybe a little Camo is going to help?

    I'll be lucky if I don't get hauled off to jail fer trespassing while Rednecked.

  4. I haz a plan but it is too early to let on.

    Hopefully, it doesn't involve fire. Heh ...

  5. "i have a cunning plan" ... hope it's nothing like Baldrick's usual ideas for Blackadder.

    Why blend in? Let 'em stress!

  6. "Movin' on up" eh? Now yer gonna get spoiled.....

  7. A ghillie suit?

    Strut yer stuff. Make `em damn glad they live in a free country.

    Let the heavy lifting wait. Aleve's good, but...

  8. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Here's the deal: people get really sick. . .when they're really sick of something in their lives.

    Your body will tell you what your brain denies.

    Every time.