Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Still Out Of It

OK, the deal with the back was from me trying to roll a twenty foot gate closed by myself in the snow, I pulled from the gate to the post with my arms outstretched and strained my back and popped a rib out.I left work early because I couldn't hold my head up from lack of sleep and the pain was kicking my ass.
I went and bought a big bottle of Aleve, a big bottle of Sprite and a heating pad.

I slept most of the day on that heating pad and it did wonders.
Of course, then I didn't sleep all fucking night again. I woke up at least six times last night and finally said screw it and stayed up at five o'clock.
About seven, I started having intestinal cramps real bad and did my business and then went to work again this morning.
By ten o'clock, I had been in the bathroom four times and I was doubled over just standing there, dog tired again.
I said fuck it and came home, hit the bathroom again, turned on the heating pad for my shoulder and I just now woke up because I had to go to the bathroom again.
I feel better but I am still exhausted, so I am slamming out this post to let you know I will be alright after I get a decent nights sleep and this stomach thing goes away.
Maybe tomorrow I will feel human again. In the mean time it is back to the heating pad and sleep.

Thanks for the thoughts and I especially had to laugh when someone suggested I get my prostate checked. It looks fine, thank you, now I will pull my head out of my ass and go back to sleep.


  1. Man...I'm still laughing after the mental images that came to mind in the part about the prostate check!

    Now I think I have popped a rib laughing at you pulling your head out...

    Thanks for the grins today...and I do hope you get to feeling better soon, my man!

  2. Damn, that was funnnneeeeee!!!! ROFLMBallsO

  3. ... pull my head out of my ass ...

    How's it feel when you wiggle your ears? Hope ya feel better soon, pal.

  4. Dude?

    Chiropractor 40-50 bucks?

  5. Ouch. And I didn't mean to laugh. Really.

  6. I could't help but laugh, and meant every tear of it!

    Just hope a neckstrain isn't next in line-- that whole (no pun intended!) lookin' up Uranus...

    Mayhap a second income as a yoga instructor?!?

    Get well soon!