Monday, January 26, 2009

Turdblossom Subpoenaed By Conyers

They would once again, like to chat with the fucking scumbag about the Politicization of the Justice Department and about his alleged involvement in the political prosecution of an Alabama governor and the firings of nine US Attorneys.

Chairman subpoenas Rove.

John Byrne H/T Raw Story

Published: Monday January 26, 2009

Invoking President Barack Obama, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) has subpoenaed former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove about his alleged involved in the political prosecution of an Alabama governor and the firings of nine US Attorneys.

The subpoena, approved by an earlier vote of the House, was issued pursuant to "authority granted in H.R. 5 (111th Congress), and calls for Mr. Rove to appear at deposition on Monday, February 2, 2009."

Specifically, it enjoins Rove "to testify regarding his role in the Bush Administration’s politicization of the Department of Justice, including the US Attorney firings and the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman."

I wonder how fast Rove is going to get the fuck out of the country as a dodge just like he did last time?
Rove doesn't have Bush to cover his ass anymore and a judge and President Obama have said the prick isn't covered by executive privilege so this ought to be some prime popcorn shoveling times ahead.

"Mr. Rove has previously refused to appear in response to a Judiciary Committee subpoena, claiming that even former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress," Conyers' office wrote in a release. "That 'absolute immunity' position was supported by then-President Bush, but it has been rejected by U.S. District Judge John Bates and President Obama has previously dismissed the claim as 'completely misguided.'"

Here is a copy of the subpoena.


  1. That fat Texas smug little prick don't show he pimpled ass this time he'll be in the cockroach hotel for sure. This should make for some good viewing and long fucking over due!

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Looks like our President is getting into the serious shit now. We'll soon see if he's serious.
    I've still got my fingers crossed. And being patient.
    But I'm watching.