Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ya Gotta Love The Internet

I finally got around to changing the belt on my Moms Kirby vacuum cleaner.

I got in the closet and drug the sonofabitch out, sat down and realized there were some parts missing.
I got back in the closet and drug out anything remotely looking like vacuum cleaner parts and sat back down.
I sat and stared at the fucking thing for a good full minute, trying to figure out what I was going to have to get to put it back together..
I mean, I know there were pieces but it wasn't real obvious how it went back together.

I kinda figured it out but wasn't quite sure how to proceed..
Enter Google.

I typed in Kirby Belt Replacement Procedure and Viola!

The fourth line down hooked me up with a Youtube
In less than three minutes it was back up and running with ZERO tools involved.

Ya gotta fucking love that shit.

Even better, there was some strangely compelling weird tune in the back ground;

This isn't the first time I have hit the web looking for instructions by any means either.
There is the compilation of the total of humanities knowledge on the web, ya just gotta know how to find it.


  1. There ain't nothin' ya can't find on the intertubes! For now...

  2. We owned a Kirby (inherited from my mother-in-law) for years. I've forgotten how many times I lost my religion back then putting it back into service.

  3. HAHaaaaa... y'kill me - not that you googled to find stuff - I have downloaded many a manual for stuff I had thrown away...

    It's your method of telling us how you do whatever it is you do... haaa

    drug the sonofabitch out ... and stared at the fucking thing...

    I don't know why when I read your blog that your absolutely godawful language cracks me up...

    I've gotten to where when I'm totally frustrated I start using some Busted phrases... I am way too dainty to do this but then well.. an old gal's gotta do what an ol gal's gotta do...

    and a previous post ... LOVE Richard Pryor

    We definitely see eyeball to eyeball about this crop of doohickeys running for POTUS ... sad

  4. My vaccum cleaner belt hooked to something. It was so difficult that I had to take the whole thing back to get it installed. That vacuum cleaner belt seemed not to hook to anything. Weird.

  5. I think thats the music Catholics use during sacrifices!? Ok maybe not?


  6. A Kirby is a good vacuum. Way better than the bagless vacuums, I think. Pulled one out of a dumpster a while back...cast aluminum. They don't make much good stuff like that any more.