Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm A Lucky Dude.

It's nice to have friends.
My buddy Steve showed up and used his Chrysler mini van with plastic bumpers to push that old Chevy around , backwards, forwards, into the drive way and into the garage head first where I can jack the fucker up and get under it.

Bonus, he is the shit, he brought me some jack stands too.

Double bonus points, my buddy and his partner in crime Tim showed up to make sure it happened.

Thank you very much fella's.
It's nosed in  so I can get to the wiring and the starter and I didn't have to have everyone and their
niece go out in the street and get the fucker in the garage again.

You would think I could write myself a note not to drive the bastard, now I don't need one.

My pal is upset that I let myself talk him out of this thing.
He is upset I have so many problems.

I am a big boy and I knew what I was getting into.
Imagine an old Chevy that gets twice the mileage of my old Ford, drives like a car instead of a tank  and still goes like a scalded cat.

Yes, I am a stubborn fucker, my wife still hates the ugly bastard but it is beyond the point of no return now.

I have way too much into it now, which is typical of my narrow ass but I actually like driving it when it works.

I WILL, fix this ugly old fucker and I Will enjoy it, eventually.


  1. And I will enjoy thinking about you enjoying it.

    Owner of 23-year-old Cressida I feel exactly the same about.

    Love you,


  2. It's the journey, not the destination or some bullshit saying like that.

    I know you'll enjoy getting the thing how you want it to be.

  3. You will beat it Busted and after doing so the damn thing does not behave like it should - shoot it and get another.

  4. I gave up on trying to fix cars back in the late 90s when rocket scientists started designing them. Give me an early 70s anything because at least you know what yer looking at under the hood.

  5. Anonymous4:37 AM

    my husband is having an affair with a 1958 chevy panel truck. it is a love hate relationship. ha ha to her, that little vintage hussy !