Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Re Post

Grab your headphones, a beer and your balls.

JP turned me onto these guys from Iraq a couple of years ago and for some damn reason this tune started going through my head at work the other day.
Do yourself a favor and go read the back ground on these guys.
In the middle of Stupie McFuckwits war, they were cranking out some serious tunes.

Remember, I have to wear ear plugs because of all of the heavy machinery going full blast and I can tend to let my mind wander at times when I am just standing around for a few minutes.

Sometimes I find myself hearing the strangest music in my head out of the blue but I always really liked these guys from Iraq.

Be patient, wait for the first minute and then it starts to get good. With a decent set of headphones, tune into the drummer dude, he is off the fucking charts.
You can obviously hear the Middle East influence in their music and they turn it into serious Rock and Roll.

About 2:45 in, they make Metallica sound like a virgin caught with a dick in her mouth.

Beware, there be heavy metal in these here parts and I have listened to this so many times I am starting to think there is something wrong with me, like you haven't noticed.
Damned if I know why but once or twice a year I have to have a serious medical sized dose of Metal music. Intensive care treatment.
Feed the Beast kind of thing.
Part of what keeps me Ornery I guess.

Thanks JP, this is a winner.


  1. Just what I needed to jump start my Saturday after a sleepless night!

    And hey, even as a virgin? I didn't do any screaming 'bout dicks in mouths. (evil grin here) Or is that too much info from an old broad getting more evil by the year?

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, altho I can't for the life of me imagine why you were going through my archives to rediscover a post I wrote two years ago today.

  3. So I could give ya credit for it.
    No good deed goes unpunished around here pal.

  4. Turned down real low, this was a very good selection. Thanks. I now have my quota of heavy metal for the year. Really, it was good.