Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take That, Ya Sonsabitches!

We might not be the 99%er's, but we can seriously deliver a swift kick in the balls when it counts.

Some folks woke up holding theirs in their hands this morning.

When ya piss off Google and Wikipedia, people stand up and take notice. Especially some craven fucking asshole politicians.

Us wee little Bloggers might not have made that much of a difference but if ya don't hang together, ya hang separately, so I have heard.

It is of vital interest that the internet remains neutral, even if there are some bad things going on.

God knows I have had more than one computer get dead with a fucking virus.
Those people need to be hunted down and eviscerated on national television, fucking dicks.

Like someone famous once said, life isn't fair.

I will tell you what got their attention,
If outfits like Google shut down completely, even voluntarily, for one fucking day, the world as we know it would come to a stand still and someone finally pointed that out to those ignorant fucks in Congress.

If you took a stand, take a bow.

It's called Democracy and it can happen so fast in this day and age it will make your fucking head spin.

1 comment:

  1. We have the power in our hands. Now the fuckers done seen an example. Let's hope their quivering assholes make their pea brains think before they try to fuck us over again. I doubt it, but it sounds good for now. I'm not discarding my hangin' rope just yet...