Thursday, January 05, 2012

How Many Of These Things Do I Have To Go Through In One Week?

Jack Abramoff critiques OWS, Republicans’ media exposure in Yahoo News interview
Ya gotta read this to believe it, Jack Abramoff,prison time for corruption, says he wants to "advise" The OWS protesters.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ, the man has balls.

I wouldn't trust that rotten fucker to help my Grandmother across the street without a gun to his head.

Prior to his 2006 guilty plea for conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion in schemes that brought down lawmakers, lobbyists and Hill staffers, Abramoff hobnobbed with the most elite Washingtonians.

That's right,
The former felon, who served three and a half years in prison for corruption, including bribing public officials, is promoting a new book, Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist, which offers an autobiographical account of his rise and fall while also presenting a prescription for cleaning up Washington.

Go read the whole thing and if you have the stomach, watch the video.

All I have to say to him is that he can go fuck himself.


  1. I dunno, Busted, I kind of have to disagree. Abramoff knows where all the bodies are buried...he might be a good ally to have. I'm still not 100% convinced that his "rehabilitation tour" is sincere, but I have to admit -- I was impressed with him on Colbert's show.

    Of course I may be a complete schmuck, too.

  2. A world class scammer,leopards don't change their spots.

  3. Well Busted, if he brought down lawmakers, lobbyists and Hill staffers, I can't find too much fault in him! I'd like to see all the crooked motherfuckers go down.

  4. An opportunist , with limited options, I wouldn't trust the bastard!