Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Ignore That Unholy Howling You Hear

It is just all the Demons in Hell celebrating my birthday, fifty two years ago.

As I recall from my Birth Certificate, I was born at 2:10 AM on January 31st, 1960.

That was a long time ago.
Just about the time the Oakland Raiders came into being too.
Of course, having been shat out in Oakland, ya damn well know I have been a Raiders fan my entire life.

No Color television, no remotes even, I WAS the remote, No Microwave ovens.
The Russians had just kicked our asses with Sputnik too.

No Radial tires,just one Ornery little fucking baby screaming into the void, just like I do now.
Some things just never change, I still love boobs too.

I seriously thought I would never live to see thirty way back when and now here I am still.

I must be more resilient than I imagined.
I crashed and/or totalled 29 cars in ten years in my early years and I pay for that shit every day but you can bet your ass I have some good stories to tell.

Thanks fer stopping by and have a shot for me, ya know damn good and well I will.


  1. Happy Birthday Busted, here's hoping Nasty Girl gives ya a special treat : )

  2. Happy birthday old man. Of course, I'm almost two years older than you.

  3. hippo birdies two ewes
    hippo birdies two ewes
    hippo birdies deer busted
    hippo birdies two ewes
    ..... and mini s'mores.....

    hope you have a forking fantastic one, ya grumpy ole fart

  4. Mrs. Busted9:53 PM

    Happy Birthday baby! I love you and you still need a beating! And yes Craig Cavanaugh, he is going to get a special treat at 2:10 in the morning!

  5. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Happy Birthday chief, hope your day goes really well.

    Btw, who is that guy in the blue square? 8^)

  6. Happy Birthday, bro! If you weren't an old fart before, you certainly are now. Heh ... All the best!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Busted! Keep up all the good work. Most of all, have a great day with your new wife! You deserve it.

  8. Happy birthday, young`un!

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Happy Birthday! I'm a couple years right behind you..well, there were color TVs then, but really expensive. There were microwave ovens then, too..big mostrosities, with water-cooled magnetrons..
    May Murphy overlook you today.

  10. Happy Birthday Busted:

    Hey, post a comment over at my place with your telephone number...I think you ought to come over to my place for superbowl sunday


  11. Happy Birthday, youngster! You ain't seen nuthin' yet...:-)

  12. WELL I'LL BE DAMNED! I just posted this to FDL cuz some fest pals posted something on FB. GUESS I'M RIGHT ON TIME!!


  13. Dear Busted ornery bastard,

    Happy birthday!

    I don't even know you, but I heard the news- have a great one!

    Peace Out,

    from the author of Frog Gravy, Crane-Station and yes, I'm old too!

  14. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Busted! Have been missing you at the lake, but have been mostly only lurking meself these days. They say you 52 today -- happy and all that, but HAH! You`ll never catch up! First family car I remember was the Studebaker, next door neighbors had a TV -- wow! Great big cabinet, little hexagonal screen. Under God was added to the Pledge of Allegience the year I started kindergarten.

    Reading bit of yr blog, and thanks, have a Kirby belt to change, thanks for the reference.

  15. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I too had a rocky start as I cruised thru the twenties and early thirties.
    I was a terrible teenager and only my mother loved me then.
    But I refused to try the hard stuff that was all around me then. I refused to accept a needle in my body as my friends dropped one by one as they accepted such intrusions.
    You and this site, where you can vent, is all about surviving.
    You lost a job and got another one. You avoided punching someones face in last year. That is commendable as you grow.
    I am ten years your senior and I know I made some good choices in my life. So have you. That is why we are alive pal.
    Happy Birthday.

  16. Happy happy day, B.

    Have one for me!

    And you are only a baby, baby!

    Kiss NG extra today.

    Love ya,


  17. Happy belated birthday, Busted. I hope it was a great day for you.