Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Down

Who do I have to thank for this unexpected turn of events?

First, Pat Buchanan got thrown under the bus and now little missy Bristol Palin can't take the heat of the scoundrels in Hollywood and Bailed out back to Alaska to take a job as a receptionist at a Dermatologists office.


What happened to those lucrative thirty thousand dollar a pop speaking gigs?

The glitz, the fame and fortune?

Give that all up to be a reception desk jockey?

Oh, it's all about the kid say's she

Of course, Levi is still persuing his dream job, doing jack shit, avoiding her at all costs and not paying a dime in child support.

It's hard for me to feel sorry for the little twit, it's not like her mom, Caribou Barbie, didn't rake in twelve million bucks a couple of years ago.
I don't see any food stamp applications coming from her any time soon.

I am just tickled to my core that there is one more publicity whore off the market,literally. Especially when it has anything to do with the ultimate Grifter from the Republican party.

It has been exceptionally nice and quiet when it comes to the Wench from Wasilla.

Apparently she got the message that she doesn't have a snowballs chance in the still warm rectum of a reindeer's ass that she just shot out of a helicopter that she will ever, ever,
hold high office in this country, ever again.

Two down, now for Meghan McCain to go the fuck away.

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  1. And counting.

    And what about that R'thug Haley Barbour?

    Any insight?

    He's building his own southern nondescrimination mafia, don't you think?

    All answering to Haley boy.