Friday, January 20, 2012

Rest In Peace Baby

I was so saddened to see the passing of Etta .

Dayum, that woman could make a dead man pay attention.

Get after it baby.


  1. Yes I will miss her too and I suspect we'll be seeing some of the other blues greats leaving us shortly.

  2. She was so solid for decades, but the one hit she did that kept me and many others, including musicians galore, covering her stuff was this one.

    Fleetwood Mac stalwart Christine McVie (then Christine Perfect) long ago did that one, as I'd Rather Go Blind. Different soul, but soul all the way baby. Love the horns n git in her version. This is '67, forget when Etta cut it and made it a hit, it was before this.

    Bless Etta, she rocked it for us for what seemed like forever.

    Her and Johnny Otis, same week days apart.


    But we boogie on, yes? No choice, we boogie on.

    Happy Hatchling BTW wo honey, may she have 50 more.

    Vest to ya both adn all those others considered in your lives.