Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Heart Bleeds For These Cocksuckers At Goldman Sachs

Wahh, they aren't getting obscene bonuses this year.
Some are not getting any at  all.

The fucking horror.
"It's a bloodbath," a midlevel Goldman Sachs employee said in an interview with CNBC. "One girl was actually crying, I think," another Goldman employee said according to the report.
Some first-year Goldman analysts received $40,000 bonuses, and some second-year analysts received bonuses between $40,000 and $56,000, according to Dealbreaker. Business Insider notes that these bonuses can amount to half of these junior bankers' base salaries.
In fact, some Goldman Sachs bankers and traders learned that they were taking home no bonuses at all, the Wall Street Journal reports. And on top of that, the firm halved the total pay of some partners -- the company's highest-level employees -- while some traders got hit even harder.

I have never made forty grand in one year  in my whole life of busting my ass, my body and my knuckles.

Cry me a fucking river.

I am thankful I have a fucking job at all in theses times and at my age and at four months now, I am still employed by a temporary agency.

Crying about a forty grand bonus will get you exactly one well used grease rag around here to wipe your tears away, after I blow my nose in it.

Courtesy of Huffpo,who needs a swift kick in the nuts lately.


  1. I'm surprised Goldman didn't outsource their jobs to India. You could get a half dozen or more workers for what they pay their people.

    And their top people only getting half? Oh the horror! How can they live on just $5 million?

    I was making between 30 and 40 but I had to risk my frigging life to get it. Now not even temp work.

  2. Yeah, talk about folks not knowing how the other 99% live....and these are BONUS payments they are weeping about.

    If this is a trend at banks, it might explain why one of my neighbors is so testy, she works for some big bank out here and since they spent $40 grand on yard features a year or so ago, I know she must really rake it in.

    Gee, maybe she'll have to plant her own fucking petunias this year?

  3. One thing to remind you about is that $40,000/year base salary in New York City will get you a 1-room efficiency apartment shared with a room-mate for $2,000/month (of which you pay half) and a subway pass, and that's about it. So if you got some girl at the bottom that has a $40K/year base salary and was hoping for that $40K/year bonus at the end of the year so she could actually afford to buy the new business clothes that she needs to buy every year to avoid looking like a bag lady and move into her own 1-room efficiency apartment without having to share it with a roommate, and you take away that $40K bonus, well. And if she'd run up some credit card debt buying those clothes expecting to have a bonus to pay off the credit cards... now you're talking financial disaster. She's gonna be eatin' ramen noodles for the next year if she doesn't have to just plain declare bankruptcy.

    As for the guys at the top with the high-six-figure and seven-figure salaries and bonuses, fuck them.

    - Badtux the "Everything's more expensive in the big city" Penguin

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Everything is more expensive here, not in the big city, too. Families are trying to live on less that that $40,000 and in a place where a one bedroom apartment without utilities costs $850 in a cruddy neighborhood and $1500 and up in good ones. And a subway pass doesn't exist, nor a timely bus pass....a car and all the attendant crap is necessary.

    And in Seattle, the efficiency apartments are more....and you might be able to survive by bus pass. If that girl in New York feels strained, maybe she should ask, like the rest of us, why the folks at the top get paid such utterly obscene amounts to basically screw everyone else into the ground.

  5. If it weren't for those obscene salaries the cost of living would not be so high for the rest of us.
    That cesspool called New York has been screwing the rest of the country for far too long....

  6. greatestwirefan5:15 AM

    That cesspool you speak of has been carrying the rest of this country for many moons. Get real

  7. Yes, one could point out that affluence can be geographically based. $100,000 in Manhattan doesn't go as far as in Topeka, Kansas.

    But, never forget it's fucks like this or Todd Henderson, Law Professor at the University of Chicago who bitch, “A quick look at our family budget, which I will happily share with the White House, will show him that like many Americans, we are just getting by despite seeming to be rich. We aren’t,” Henderson wrote while making over $300,000 a year, who then craft and cite the Heritage Study which clearly shows America doesn't have the Poors because they "have an adequate and reasonably steady supply of food".

    So fuck them let them go do two years in Afghanistan.

  8. Well, I wish I could cry, but I can't afford tissues, thanks to my hours being cut as a result of this economic downturn. I'm surprised the publication I work for hasn't outsourced my position as a designer. I have a college degree and can't make even close to 40 grand.Yeah the American Dream feels more like the American Ream.