Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your Oil Dispersant Is On It's Way

And it looks like this.

June marks the beginning of Hurricane Season down South.

What are the odds that a big fucking hurricane comes along here shortly and with winds over a hundred and forty miles an hour, picks up a bunch of that black gold,oil ya see, and takes and dumps a metric buttload of an emulsion of oil, water, foam, stuff that will lubricate those squeaky hinges, all over the damn place, From Louisiana to fucking New York.
Once that shit gets picked up by hurricane force winds and is sucked up into the upper atmosphere, we are going to have the biggest can of WD-40 on our hands the world has ever seen.

Water Displacement, Formula Number 40.

90 weight oil, formula one, all over the fucking place.
It's coming, mark my fucking words, it will be raining oil.