Thursday, May 13, 2010

Constitution Toilet Paper

Our politicians are nothing but thieving lying bastards. Every fucking one of 'em.

Somebody wanna tell me why there's a provision in Obama's Heath Care Reform that says an elderly or disabled person can't buy a powered scooter or wheelchair until they've rented one for 13 months? What the fuck is that? This is America for Christ sake and you're not allowed to BUY something?

That, right there, is the corruption of the system at work. You know damn good and well that some lobby or another got to enough politicians with enough bribe money...oh,'s called "campaign contributions" get that bullshit included.

Somebody else wanna tell me why there's a cap on what oil companies have to pay to clean up spills? No, I'll tell you...because the fucking oil lobby bought it into law. Fuck the environment and let the tax payers foot the bill.

Anybody ever heard of that pledge that Congressmen and Senators were asked to sign saying they wouldn't become lobbyists after they left office? Yeah, that went over like a TSA agent with a small dick walking through a full body scanner. I don't think anybody ever signed the damned thing. Once the bastards get elected and learn the system they bail off to some half-million dollar a year job to do some serious country-raping.

I wanna fucking bitch-slap somebody when I hear a politician use the word "change". What the fuck ever changes besides not a god-damned thing? Dick Cheney wiped his ass with the Constitution and that stupid fucking bitch Obama nominated to the Supreme Court will do the exact same thing.

Have you read some of the bullshit that comes out of that woman? She says the fucking First Amendment somehow doesn't apply! She says the government can censor speech "when it's motives and intentions are good". That's almost as fucking ridiculous as Cheney claiming to be free from Congressional Subpoena because the Office of The Vice President isn't part of the fucking Executive Branch!

Have these brain-dead assholes never even READ the paper they've sworn to uphold? I've read it hundreds of times just trying to figure out what in the hell they're thinking in Washington DC. The Patriot Act alone violates the 4th Amendment in more ways than I can count.

When my brother was in the army they passed out a questionnaire to the 82nd Airborne and one of the questions was how would they feel about going house to house IN AMERICA confiscating guns. It got leaked and the Pentagon backtracked pronto, saying the question was "designed to ascertain willingness to obey an unlawful order". I call bullshit. Governments prefer unarmed peasants and they intend to have 'em someday.

Go read the Bill Of Rights and ask yourself how many things have been crossed off the list by the fucking government. I see the 4th gone. I see the 1st and 2nd in very serious danger. I see the 5th violated daily. The 6th and 8th have been ignored for years. The 10th passed completely away 100 years before I was born on the battlefields of the Civil War. The 9th is so ambiguous as to be practically meaningless these days.

That leaves us with the 7th and 3rd. Woohoo! We can get a trial by jury in civil matters and don't have to quarter troops! Sweet.

I could power the fucking universe if I could use Thomas Jefferson and the boys as generators. They're spinning in their graves fast enough.

I've never been to Washington DC but if I ever do go I wanna get a couple of cases of toilet paper with the Constitution printed on the sheets so I can hand 'em out free to Congressmen and Senators. Holy fucking shit...I'd do it, too...if I didn't already know for a certain fact that I'd be arrested for some damn thing or another.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just getting too old. Maybe I'm senile and I just don't get it anymore. I thought America was about personal freedom. Maybe I'm the one who lost the plot...but I'll tell you one thing...this country is really startin' to suck. Bad.