Saturday, May 22, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due, The Tea Baggers Edition

Yeah, I am going to bite my tongue here.
It seems there is a positive side effect from these peoples antics, they are making people aware of the Constitution.

I am going to snatch a fairly large part of this article and then put up a link .

WASHINGTON, May 21 (UPI) -- The U.S. Constitution has become a popular document to read in Washington and beyond, thanks in part to the rise of the Tea Party movement, The Hill reports.

The pocket edition, which also includes the Declaration of Independence, shot up to 10th in March among top sellers at the Government Printing Office, the Washington-based publication said.

Gary Somerset, a GPO spokesman, said public sales of the pocket edition have climbed to 8,700, higher than normal, since September 2009.

But the public sales numbers are dwarfed by the distribution of some 441,000 copies printed for House members and 100,000 for senators. Constituents can ask for free copies from their members of Congress or buy copies at $2.75 apiece.

"Many members have lately experienced a large increase in constituent requests for the Pocket Constitution....


OK, this is a good thing.
Most people, especially the younger generations, have no fucking clue what the Constitution, let alone the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independance contain.
Hell, half the idiots I have to deal with on a daily basis are basicly functionally illiterate.

Breaks are Brakes,if they even get that close.

I am all for the people of this country getting to know the foundation that this place was built on so they can find out how far away we are from there now.These are the keystones of what this fucked up country were founded on
Take the current census for example, there is one fucking question that is required by the original constitution that you are required to answer, how many people live in your domicile.

Now they want to know if ya own yer own place, how many fuckin' cats ya got and what race you are, how much fuckin' money ya make, what.
Fuck off, eh?
Hey, kiss my fuckin' ass.
It's none of yer fucking buisness, period.
Kiss my ass again, that you think you can somehow make it a crime to not answer one of their assinine fucking questions.

How is it any of your fucking business if I own my own home?

What, you should have a pretty good idea how many fucking people don't anymore.
There's that financial meltdown thing going on that you keep bailing out.
Yeah, the motherfuckers at the top end who started it, anyway.

I have already had two ladies try and get a hold of me to finish that census bullshit.
Ya know what? I am doing my part to keep people employed, unlike you.

They'll be back.

Now you will have to excuse me, I have to go inquire if my girlfriend is a natural citizen and if she has her papers.

Fuck this place.