Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1200 troops Going To The Mexican Border

Yeah, to keep out one Mexican, the fucking President.

Asshole. whose bright idea was it to let that little sonofabitch onto the floor in Congress to bitch about our immigration policy and to complain that us every day plain old Americans are sending too many automatic weapons into his fucking country?
Like we can buy automatic weapons and if we could, we would be sending them to fucking Mexico?

Ease up on the tequila there dude.

Worse yet, our elected officials gave this little motherfucker a standing O
They should have given him an Atomic Wedgie and threw his ass on the first Greyhound outta town wrapped in a Mexican flag and a seat next to Epic Beard Man after he just ate a bad burrito.

These stupid fucks down in Arizona are begging for discrimination lawsuits, if I lived down there I would be handing out recall petitions for their stupid assed Governor at lunch time.

Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada and California?
Give 'em all back to Mexico and let them deal with the fuckin' crazies. For frequent buyer miles, throw in Utah fer chrissakes.

Jesus Christ this country is coming apart at the seams.
Lucky me, I live in a state that still kind of shuns crazy fucking bastards like this and if it starts embracing this idiocy, I will damn sure pick up and move so far out in the sticks and get some rabid raccoons for pets that at least I will know the crazy won't be contagious.
I have had my rabies shots, that's a fact.