Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Blame Game Redux (Warning: Different Perspective Ahead)

Actually corporations are the form of millions of small investors who own stock (whether they know it or not - via 401K's and such) AND in the form of a handful of greedy, immoral bastards who get insanely rich by raping the planet just because we let 'em get away with it. The system, which rewards said greed with massive CEO salaries and bonuses, is DRIVEN by the greed of said tiny investors who expect a dividend at the end of the day. Gotta pump up that retirement fund, don't cha know. So what if it takes a few disasters? I got mine.

Better check your own...if you got one...before you read on
In other words, we're fucking ourselves. BP, Trans Ocean and Halliburton wouldn't be in it if there wasn't a consumer and investor demand for it. Let us not forget that even the liberal iconic god-like Michael Moore has owned stock in Halliburton.

Now, I don't dispute at all that this is an epic disaster. Personally, I'd call World War II the biggest man-made catastrophe in history but that's another debate. I'll see your decimated fisheries and raise all-in, with the number of humans who died. The planet has recovered from far worse than the biggest oil-spill. After we kill ourselves off something else will replace us...I'd bet large on the cockroaches but I won't be around to collect so what's the point?

No doubt that there are people who should hang high for this. And I get fucking pissed off beyond belief that these massive enterprises like BP and GM pay almost no tax while families struggle to pay the bills.

Meh...but demonizing corporations does no good in the end because they're going to keep on doing whatever they can get away with, aren't they?

"Of course fucking of course! I wasn't asking, I was telling."

(sorry...had to sneak in one of my favorite lines from the movie Snatch)

Who allows the corporations to get away with this bullshit?

The government does.

Who elects the government?

We do.

At the end of the day the only conclusion that I can come to is that we just don't give a fuck until something bad happens. We, the people, have totally and utterly FAILED to do preventative maintenance and make sure that our government operates the way it ought to. No fucking different from the engines and pumps and shit that OB busts his knuckles on every day.

"People get the government they deserve, whether by action or inaction". Thomas Jefferson said that, I believe...or something along those lines...I don't mind being corrected if I'm wrong in either the quote or the source.

The wrong way to change things is by violence, you'll never hear me advocate that...the right way is by ceasing to be complacent and by making voices heard in the vote. The problem with that scenario is, once again, that we just don't give a fuck. I'm so disillusioned by the political process in this country that I don't. I've pretty much washed my hands of it because stupidity is my biggest pet peeve and stupidity is rampant on both sides. My one single vote ain't gonna make a damned bit of difference one way or the other because too many other people are fucking idiots. Republicans in charge, Democrats in doesn't fucking matter because the only changes these days are wild swings to either the left or right.

We're spinning our wheels and going nowhere fast. If I was allowed 5 minutes in charge of America and could pass one law in that time which could never be repealed I would make it this...the outlawing, totally and completely, of lobbying by special interest groups. I would make it a capital offense. No more bought-and-paid-for politicians. No more pork barrel bullshit.

The language of the bill would basically say (in legalistic terms, since government thrives on THAT), "Look, you've been elected to do what's right for the people who gave you that power so what's the problem? Shut the fuck up and do it or you're out of here".

I don't dispute anything OB said...I agree with it all. I just think that we, the people, as a body, need to stop pointing fingers unless we're looking in a fucking mirror.