Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Senator Did Good Today

There has been many a time I have railed against one of my Senators but today, one of them made up for it.
For those who give a shit, I live in Washington State and I have two ladies for Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.
Normally I am pissed off and spell it Can'tWell but today she stuck a broken mop handle in the ass of those rotten fuckers who keep trying to let these big banker motherfuckers get off with no oversight.
She teamed up with Russ Fiengold and shut the debate and the vote off for reform.

Why am I happy about this when I think these banker bastards should be strung up from the nearest tree?
It wasn't reform enough and they fucked the rest of those pussy cocksuckers who were going to let them get away with financial murder.

Chris Dodd has really disappointed my ass when he keeps trying to dilute the reform of the banking industry, especially when he is the chairman in charge of that shit and ran for President on that platform.

For once, my Senator did the right thing against the tide of let them all do what they want and if I rant and rave when she does something I don't like, then fair is fair.

Kudos to you Ms. Cantwell for doing the right thing.

Keep up the good work, I just might vote for your narrow ass next time around.


Dodd, Banking Committee chairman, has fended off proposals from some Democrats that could upend the financial industry, but analysts expect the final legislation will still cut into profits for banks and other firms on Wall Street.

"The final bill will contain fundamentally tough reforms, creating many headwinds to banks' profitability," analysts at FBR Capital Markets wrote in a research note.

The failed cloture vote lets lawmakers keep pushing for proposals that otherwise would fall by the wayside.

Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, one of two Democrats to oppose cloture, continued after the vote to press for tighter regulation of derivatives.

A spokesman for Russ Feingold, the other Democrat to vote against cloture, said he did not believe the bill was strong enough to prevent another financial crisis.

Get after those sonsabitches, they are killing the entire world economy and bragging about it.