Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Am Sorry To Inform You,

All those checks you are looking forward to from Nigeria just might have a waiting period from Hell.
I hope yours didn't close before theirs did.

If you happen to be that fucking stupid, my contact info is available.

Look forward to a brief interlude while they put this asshole in the ground.
Fed EX and UPS may not be able to deliver the millions you were promised and Ed McMahon is still dead.
What the fuck, it's about the same damn thing.

Don't worry, Namibia will be glad to take up the slack, right after your fucking Congressman mails you a gimme money, I am up for Re-Election mass mailer.
If, by chance, you are reading this from the state of Connecticut, tell that bastard Lieberman, he owes you money, seriously.
Tell him he can just donate it to whoever the fuck is going to run against him.

Fucking assholes.