Monday, May 10, 2010

Antique Hunter Of God-Like Proportions

And the winner of the "Name That Antique" contest is...Demeur, who correctly identified it as a Georgian Traveling Apothecary Cabinet made of mahogany.

So correctly, in fact, that I found this apparently identical one for sale on Ebay and got overall dimensions along with some excellent pictures that show me a lot of construction details. That fucking rocks! The only thing better would be having the original plans.

I ain't going for an exact reproduction so I'll skip hand cut dovetails and shit like the spring loaded lockout on the doors when you lift the top. My sister wants it a little different anyway since she won't be using the square glass jars and such, not being a traveling apothecary herself and all.

Should be able to make it without too much trouble. I'll model it on the computer so I get all the details worked out and can figure out how much wood I'll need. And yes, I always buy a little bit more just in case. Like I have a choice most times. The place I get my exotics won't cut a board for ya anyway. Gotta buy the whole damn thing. Last time I was there I had to buy almost twice as much bubinga as I needed because any one board they had fell just short so I had to buy two. Still sitting on the drop. Good thing somebody else paid for it.

Not this time. I'm footin' the bill for my sister so I'll probably mock it up first in MDF before I go cuttin' any mahogany, which ain't exactly cheap. Hell, she'd probably be happy with pine but I might as well stick with the original material just 'cause it'll be cool to do that for her.

Anyway, many thanks to all who answered and a metric assload of thanks to Demeur. Having those other pictures I found helps me more than I can tell you. Screw the golf get a standing ovation.