Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is Wednesday, right?

I hit 40 hours for the week at about 1:00 this afternoon.

It's only Wednesday.

Does anybody have a gun? A knife? A rock? Anything you can kill me with...besides work?

Fuck me, I'm tired.

Even the cats are feelin' it. They ain't eating as much as normal and they won't stop meowing when I get home. Not to mention the fact that they already clawed the living' shit out of my golf bag, which I was stupid enough to leave sitting in the living room for entirely too long.

Fuckin' up their regularly scheduled lives. They usually take turns sleepin' with me but it was all three of 'em last night. Dirty little bastards kept me awake for awhile jockeying for position. That was fun. Couldn't hardly get pissed off at 'em though...they're just being cats and needin' some attention.

Oh..perfect. I just heard a thump over by the washer and dryer. I did a load of laundry whenever it is I finally got home today and just tossed what I need for tomorrow morning in the dryer. Left the lid of the washer open so there's momma cat hoppin' down in to explore. None too happy about being fished out, either.

It is Wednesday, right?