Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FEED ME, Seymour! It Liiiiives!

My garden, that is.
I got off work and went out back to spray it down, just like I have been doing for a week and a half after I put a bunch of seeds in the ground, and there they were.

My little babies!

I been really worried that the damn things weren't going to sprout because it gets so much sun out there during the day the ground dries out.

Turns out my ministrations have not been to no avail.
I have peas, beans, and squash that all sprouted and grew two freaking inches since yesterday, I also have strawberries coming on hard, with volunteers no less, and everything I actually went and bought is going gangbusters.

The volunteer potatoes are scaring me.
I am going to have so many potatoes I am going to have to figure a way to keep them somehow, I am hoping the onions will do well too.
There just might be some kind of on the cheap root cellar in my future. That is why I love the internets, I have already found several ways to do that.

I still have more stuff I want to plant, that's why I was breaking my ass last weekend, to make more room.


I am flat out tickled, pink even.

I even bought a couple of Gourd plants, my Granny used to grow some every year and they can be handy as hell after ya dry them out.

This is going to be a very steep learning curve for me in the coming months but I am an extremely quick study.
I WILL , remember, learn and do, what it takes to get what ever grows to maturity put away for this coming winter.

Count on it.


  1. let me know what ya figure out to do about all the potatoes busted. i'm a'feared that i'm gonna end up with a shitload of the suckers.

  2. Sounds like yer gonna have a bumper crop of just about everything there pal.

  3. Everything sounds like it's going gangbusters, and right on schedule, fella!

    As much work as it is, the rewards sure are sweet!

    I expect more progress reports, young man!